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Moment for life
We go hard and harder to strive
Emotions r my drive
This world is my is my playground
No worries no wrong
I got to fail before I grow strong
And it’s me tellings of lady c

1 year ago

It never ENdZ

Everytime I think a new start begiNZ

I feel like this paRt never ENdZ

I luv u

N hold u no matter wat we go trough

But we can’t hang like a crew?

U tell me it’s only me that u screw

But every time I catch u in ur lies

It’s a different cries

Just u! , 2 , no I mean b4 u ?

Now which one is it boo

Cuz I can’t handle no more

U can’t stay with that hore

C if she can b a lady !

And don’t come back crying!

I 💛 u and all I wish is the truth

But u can’t c how much I hurt

To no u lie …liE..LiE **

I would rather have da truth n. cry

Then to not no and cry myself dry

Thinking how many, when , & y?

All this said I lay in my bed still

Waitng not knowing how to feel

Emotions do deep I can’t deal

But I await in hopes that u c im real

& I’m a real steal!

If u dnt take care of whats inFront of u some1 will

N wen I’m gone ull cry till ur ILL

DA woRdz of LaDY C

1 year ago

Dn pumba beat

1 year ago